Skip Green

Dr M Harding

Caroline J Sinclair

Skip Green is a science graduate who likes to take an alternative look at life, viewing it from hitherto unexplored angles. He is currently writing a humorous novel based on the life of a famous pop star. He lives in Oxford.

Dr M Harding has had a distinguished career as a scientist. After retiring, he spent considerable time studying the lottery, and in his book he applied his expertise in computational physics and, in particular, that in random processes and statistical analysis. He lives in Sydney.

Caroline J Sinclair, a graduate in modern languages, is an Oxford-based author who has a keen interest in classical music. She has done extensive research into the life and music of her subjects, including sourcing information from their conversation books and letters, enabling her to keep her writing historically authentic and factually correct. She is currently working on her third novel that is based on the life of another famous composer.

Latest release:

My Music, My Drinking & Me

Another book from Caroline J Sinclair, this time, bringing Sibelius's story to life and offering a new and fascinating insight into his development both as a composer and as a man – a must-have book for all those who appreciate Sibelius’s music, whether they are musicians, students or other music lovers, or for those who love historical novels.

Based on true events and told from Sibelius’s own point of view, My Music, My Drinking & Me - The Memoirs of Jean Sibelius is the story of Finland’s greatest composer, one of the foremost symphonists of the 20th century.

It is a turbulent and violent period in European history, and Finland is struggling to gain and maintain its independence. Sibelius is expected by many to be a spokesman for his country. However, he is uncomfortable with the position thrust upon him; he has no desire to make political statements through his music, wanting only to depict the elemental forces of Finnish nature. On a more personal level, he is battling with alcoholism; he believes that he needs alcohol to be able to write music, but does his drinking foster or hinder his creativity? Furthermore, if he does not give up drinking, it will cost him his marriage. Which is the stronger - his need to drink or his desire to save his marriage before it is too late? My Music, My Drinking & Me is as much about a marriage as about music. In it, Caroline J Sinclair has drawn a vivid picture of Sibelius’s family life, and of the country that inspired him to compose - his beloved Finland.

The book is available worldwide as a paperback and an ebook (Amazon Kindle). For those who do not have a Kindle device, there are free Kindle Reading Apps for PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones available – follow the link at

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